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This will be the last post on the current Carpe Omnis site. If you aren’t subscribed to this blog, you probably won’t even see it.

The new site will have the same url, but is hosted at GoDaddy instead of

Everyone who has subscribed to the blog should also be subscribed to the new site, via the Jetpack plugin.

Stay tuned, and thanks for bearing with me. It’s been a pleasure, and I hope it will continue to be so.


The Target: No Honor Among Thieves

I took a lot of the feedback I got on my work-in-progress Objective design for No Honor Among Thieves and turned it into a prototype design that I like a lot more.

Manor Objective WiP

With any luck I should be ready to send these off to the printer early next week or–if all goes well–this weekend. Give the printer as much time as possible to get them to me.

NoHAT: Comic Con and Objectives

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently: been very busy with work and various other projects. I’m starting to get a handle on things again now, though, so further updates will now resume.

First of all, thanks to everyone who stopped by the Let’s Make Games table at Vermont Comic Con. That was the first time I’ve attended a hobby convention from this particular side of the table, and it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I thought it would feel more like work, be more exhausting, but it turns out I can talk about the game I’m making for a very long time without pause.


Meeting with Superboy (occasionally known as my friend Josh).


The table in the game’s room. Alex, Tim and I were there for the entire weekend, with everyone else coming for one day or just part of both days.


On the second day, Alex and I took a page from Tim’s book and had signs.

Further work on the game continues in preparation for Carnage of the Lost World, coming up in November in Killington, Vermont. I’ve been designing Objective templates to use, and though I think it’s obvious this still needs a lot of work, I figured I’d still show off what I’ve got thus far, if only so that I can take out my tablet at the Let’s Make Games meeting tomorrow and show everyone there what I’ve been doing.

The Manor, a stage one heist worth eight coins and with three defense slots.

The Manor, a stage one heist worth eight coins and with three defense slots.

Since I got some questions about this in regards to my card designs, the black border around the edge should be cut off about halfway through–that’s the bleed area, so that any subtle printing mishaps don’t mangle the whole thing. Also, I designed this in CYMK color in Photoshop, so the switch to RGB to display on the blog is making some of the colors weird, most notably the orange that has inexplicably appeared in the defense slots.

All told, I think I’m on the right track, though again I’m going to be putting more work into this before it goes to print. With a bit of luck I’ll have a fully printed game in time for Carnage.

First Prints: No Honor Among Thieves

The first batch of printed cards came in!


They ended up a fair bit darker than I expected, so unfortunately the Character and Defense backgrounds are looking pretty much the same.


But otherwise they’re looking damn fine.


I’ll have these at Vermont Comic Con, at the Let’s Make Games table.


After that, I’ll work on the Objectives, which I didn’t have time to get good prints of, and start hunting for an artist to commission for card art. The old Renaissance-era paintings I’m using for the Hidden Agendas (above) look really good, but I’d like my own art for everything, I think. Especially the character cards. The portraits I’m using now aren’t bad, they kind of look like wanted posters, but I’d love some good painting-quality stuff if I can get it.

If you’re in Vermont this weekend, I’ll see you at the con.

Character Cards: No Honor Among Thieves

At this point, I think I’m only going to be able to get a couple of the deck types printed for Comic Con. The Character and Scheme (formerly Action) decks are the most important, in my mind, because those are the cards with the most pen scribbles on them in my current home-printed set, so those are the ones I’m going to be focusing on to finish up design work in time for the convention.

For the backs of the cards, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a logo for the game. Unlike most of the design elements I’ve made, where I could happily tweak them for weeks on end, I’m entirely happy with how this came out.

CardBackTemplate WiP

Instead of using my janky silhouette guy for placeholder character art, I’ve been using the Terrible Character Portraits drawn by Jeff Preston and available with a free Creative Commons license for use in stuff like this. I still want to commission illustrations for these cards, but for now, these will do.

The colors are a little off because this is the CYMK version I’ll be sending to the printer, but you should be able to get the general idea. The Con Artist pictured below is one of the (relatively few) cards where the terrible character portrait matched pretty much exactly what I wanted for the character.


Hopefully I’ll have a fancy printed version by next weekend.

Temporary Art and Convention Season: No Honor Among Thieves

I’ve been sketching some quick temporary art for my cards for No Honor Among Thieves. We’re closing in on the time where I have to submit my order to the printer I’ll be using if I want to get it in time for Vermont ComicCon, but I think I can get something rough done for every card type, to serve until I can hire an artist to make me some real artwork. I’m kind of tempted to try and do it all myself, but I think my usual style is too cartoony for what I have in mind for the game, so to save the time it would take me to learn a completely new style of art I’ll probably just leave things in the hands of a professional.

In the meantime, here’s the sort of temporary art I’m working on. It’s meant to look hastily brushed, to give some indication of the painted style I’m hoping to get in the final version, but I’m not super experienced at making that sort of style look good, so I think it still needs a lot of work. Hopefully I’ll find the time for it.

Advocate WiP

ALSO, big announcement: I’m going to have the latest iteration of No Honor Among Thieves available for play at Vermont Comic Con, September 19-20, in the Brap’s Magic game room. The folks at Brap’s have been kind enough to give the design collective I’m a part of, Let’s Make Games, a table to show off some of the stuff we’ve been working on, and I’m going to be there all weekend. Hopefully with a nice, professionally-printed version of the game I’ve spent the past year and change working on.

I’m also going to be doing the same thing at Carnage on the Mountain on November 7th, during the afternoon playtesting slot from 1-5 pm. If you’re in the area for either convention, be sure to stop by and say hi, at least.

Keep the knives ready and your hands quick. It’s time to bring this game out into the world a bit.

Icon Design 2: No Honor Among Thieves

I’ve been away for a while camping in Maine (and losing very expensive prescription glasses in a lake), but in the little time that I have had lately I’ve made some changes to the icons for No Honor Among Thieves. They’ve all been modified to be a little more clear, now, and have been given a texture and some shading to make them fit in with the style of the rest of the cards.

Icons (Final)

I think they’re looking pretty good as things stand, but if anyone wants to offer any criticism, there’s still time to change things around.